We use a lot of digital tools every day in our life and workflow process. The number of different amazing tools and services grows exponentially and it’s hard to cope with all this variety and to figure out which one is better for you. Recently I became to feel a strong need of having a handy collection of manually selected tools so I could use it every day in my life and work process.

Main needs and goals:

To find a needed tool for a specific task

See what are the similar tools for my task

Find other tools which could be useful for me

Find a useful set of tools for my profession or activity

Competitive Analysis

As of today this subject is extremely popular. Therefore it’s not a surprise that we’ve got a bunch of curated directories, tool stacks, manually crafted catalogs different stashes and so on. And the king of all this team is Producthunt. I made a competitive analysis and revealed the following common issues of all these websites.


  • and others…

Common issues

Too complicated

Not personalized

Separated by categories, not by toolsets

Not versatile

Information Architecture

Since the main goal is to provide a quick a intuitive access to needed tools the IA and navigation should be as simple as possible.

Rapid Prototyping

I needed to create prototype to test the idea and to check the navigation. For wireframing and rapid prototyping I used Balsamiq and Invision.

Visual Design

After prototyping I started to work on visual design. I kept in mind that the design and navigation should be simple and content oriented. I created a set of illustrations for the toolkits.


I spent a lot of time selecting and preparing tools. Some toolkits are still need to be populated. This is a continuous process.


I assembled the website using Wordpress and a premium theme. It allowed me to build a responsive and valid website in short time.