There is a host of people who are obsessed with rare and bespoken models of sneakers. These people cannot purchase such kind of sneakers in usual shops and there only few places where they . We decided to create a community-marketplace for sneakers lovers where they can browse for collectible sneakers and purchase it.


As a UX/UI designer I had to tackle the following things:

  • to define who is our customer
  • to research what are his/her needs and goals
  • to establish a UX/UI strategy considering users needs and business objectives
  • to develop an Information Architecture and intuitive navigation
  • to provide the deliverables such as high quality mockups and specs for the development team

User Research

The first and foremost thing I had to do was to define who is our end user, what he needs and feels, what goals he must achieve, which tasks he has to solve. I started with developing the personas – a short narratives about why exactly a person is our target customer and what his specific problem is.


Then I had to depict one of possible scenarios for these personas of achieving their goal. So I created a customer journey map.

Customer journey map


After I defined a set of features and Information Architecture, I switched to rapid prototyping. I had to create an interactive prototype so I, the client and the development team could test how it works, and to understand if it helps to achieve the main goals and tasks. For creating the prototype I used the tool Justinmind, that allowed us to communicate and collaborate throughout the process of testing and iterating of the prototype.

Design Process

After establishing the structure and navigation of our app I switched to visual design. I had to create a new visual design language that would define a visual look and feel of the application. Firstly I developed a new color gamma for the UI, text, icons and branding materials.

Then I developed an application icon and selected the fonts and icons for UI.

After that I created the design mockups for the walkthrough tutorial, simplifying the onboarding process.

And  the other screens. Here are some of them.

Handover of Deliverables

In this project I used Adobe Photoshop for developing the pixel perfect mockups and used a plugin PNG Express for providing the assets and specifications for the dev team.


I gained an amazing experience while working on this great product and I learned the following lessons, which will be extremely useful for me in future:

  • In terms of limited budget and timeframe we have to define a minimal set of the most important features and release an MVP in the shortest time.
  • User’s needs and goals always have to be aligned with business objectives.
  • Thought-out navigation and consistent design provide a cohesive and positive UX.