This is a test project for a non-existent application and a hypothetic vehicle. Mercedes Benz is looking for a way to create a modern email app for a business executive during the rush-hour commute. The goal is to design an email application that will be used in a car display for a new Mercedes.

The display size will be 1024px x 1366px (portrait mode layout!) with full-color touch and voice functions. The requirements could include some basis like setup, login, search, and read/write capabilities. The design interaction functions need to be simplistic, so the executive could easily use it while driving. The design objective is to create an end-to-end user flow, based on features that are most relevant to a user.

Empathizing the User


  • John Smith
  • Age: 46 years
  • Graduated Harvard University
  • CEO
  • Income: High

Traits & particularities:

  • Always in a hurry (prefers simplicity and precision)
  • Tech-forward (checks e-mail in his car 🙂 )
  • Conservative (prefers cohesive and consitent experience)
  • Prefers reliable brands and products


  • Morning/evening commute (sleepy/tired, annoyed of traffic)
  • A lot of distractions
  • Can be in a hurry (short commute)

User Flow

Rapid Prototyping




High-Fidelity Mockups




Voice Search

Search Results

Search History

Read Mail

Reply/Create Mail

Mail Sent


Thank you!