Brazil Gambling Laws

It is a bit surprising that the gambling legislation of Brazil in the unregulated phase, even being the only democratic country on the continent of South America. In the recent times, the gambling legislation of Brazil went through a lot of controversies. But, without looking into those issues, through this article we will let you know about the laws, taxes, and other aspects related to gambling in Brazil.

Gambling Law

Most of the gambling forms and casino games in Brazil are considered as illegal. It was the year 1946 when gambling was termed as an illegal activity, and the law was passed by Dutra, who was the President at that time. However, he kept horse racing and lotteries out from the list of banned gambling activities. This is the reason why lotteries and horse racing has garnered so much popularity in Brazil. Again in 1960, a number of casinos had to face the heat of being termed as illegal. Bingo lovers took a sigh of relief when the game of bingo was termed as legal in the year 2004. When it comes to online gambling, there is no scope for the investors to come up with their own gambling site as the government does not offer license. So, there is not even a single Brazilian gambling site available for the citizens of the country. In addition, the government of Brazil is all set to ban sports betting in the country.

Games Allowed In Brazil

Like we mentioned above, horse racing, bingo, and lotteries are the only games that are allowed in the country. In Brazil, you can easily find different formats of Bingo games that can be played both online and at land based casinos. When it comes to lotteries, there are mainly two options to go for. One is based on football results and the other is related to numerical draws.

Fees Or Charges

Since there is no online casino site available in Brazil, therefore whatever fees are charged is related to the gambling sites from other countries.

Tax Information

For being considered as an illegal activity, no tax is charged on the amount won through gambling. So, in case you win $1 million through Bingo jackpot, you will not be charged any taxes for the winning amount. It is certainly surprising that the Brazilian government would easily be able to make billions by imposing a small amount of tax on the entire winning amount. However, still there are no such things available in the country. Nevertheless, you can certainly expect some twist and turns in the future to come.

Best Gambling Sites

Once again, there are no gambling sites available in Brazil. However, there are a lot of foreign sites that accept players from Brazil for gambling activities. Below are some of the available options:

  • Golden Rivera
  • CasinoAll Slots
  • CasinoBovada
  • CasinoBet365
  • CasinoBet
  • VictorPinnacle
  • Sports