About Me

Who I am

I am a senior product UX designer with 15 years of experience in working on different digital products in b2b and b2c segments.

I specialize in creating simple and delightful solutions for complex problems using customer centric approach, where the whole design process is focused explicitly on user needs and business goals.

My expertise encompasses all phases of design thinking process. In my experience, I’ve done a lot of user research work, created tons of prototypes and designed hundreds of screens and flows.

I am fond of good electronic music, sport, traveling, and photography and spend my free time with my beloved wife and 2 beautiful daughters.

I never settle down and strive to learn new things every day and make progress through all my positive habits.

Product Designer based in Greater Seattle Area, WA. Craft easy and delightful experiences for complex problems.


I started my design career 15 years ago as a UI Designer in the creative agency TrendLogic. Over time I achieved the senior level and took senior and lead positions being deeply involved in all phases of the design process, starting from strategic planning, user research and ending up with prototyping and visual design.

During my career path, I’ve managed to work in different start-ups and tech companies, where I designed human focused experience for various b2b and b2c products. I ran a design team working on online games, worked as an art director of mini design studio producing designs for LiveJournal and other blogs, designed interfaces for background records search engines, participated as a designer in a successful startup Usersnap and faced many other interesting challenges along my design career path.



I always strive to cut to the core of the user experience, define user problems and goals and communicate ideas through the process of strategic and tactical product planning. I believe, that a cool product not only solves the problem but delivers a delightful and immersive experience to people.

Check-list of principles for my design flow:

  • Always justify ideas, hunches, and assumptions
  • Cut to the core of the problem
  • Be data driven
  • Validate and iterate
  • Think out of the box, look at a problem from different angles
  • Be meticulous and pixel perfect
  • Collaborate, communicate and achieve shared understanding
  • Deliver sexy and delightful UX


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Design Process

I always put the user at the core of design process. Every challenge I tackle starts from empathizing with the user and identifying the problems, that the design must solve. At this step, I use different methods such as personas, user stories, field research empathic maps. Based on user research I start to brainstorm and generate different experience solutions. At this phase, it’s very important to create a shared understanding of ideas between other team players and across departments. It’s crucial that the proposed design solution would be aligned with business objectives and company’s strategy. To do that, I intensively use rapid prototyping, white-boarding, wireframing to validate concepts at the earlier stage. Once the idea is formed, and validate, I switch to visual UI design and interaction models, using different apps and techniques, such as Sketch, Principle, HTML/CSS. The very important step is the hand-off of the design assets to developers. At this step, it is extremely important to provide a clear and sophisticated guidance on how to implement the design concepts into a real UI. At this step, many designers fail because of the lack of documentation, and ambiguity between design and dev department. I prepare a detailed documentation, with explained interactions and graphic assets for developers. Once the design is implemented I strive to get access to it as soon as possible to run QA and fix possible discrepancies. It’s worth mentioning that the description of the process is high-level and in fact, the design process is much more versatile and always iterative.




Wireframing, rapid prototyping, high-fidelity UI design, illustrating.


Click-through prototypes, user flows, mood boards.


Works great for interactive prototyping in conjunction with Sketch.

Sketch Measure

A must-have plugin for Sketch, that enables to provide easily specs for developers and teammates.

Adobe Illustrator

Number one tool for working with curves and designing illustrations and icons.

Adobe Photoshop

Comprehensive editing and creating of raster graphics.

Adobe After Effects

Motion graphics, UI animation, animated visual effects.


Makes it easy to design animated and interactive user interfaces.


Must-have tool for UX designers for sophisticated rapid prototyping.


Simple and free tool that allows to make screenshots and shoot the screencasts.


A task manager that makes it easy to get shit done.


Streaming app, that makes my workflow fascinating every day.