About Me

Who I am

Just a guy who loves product and visual design. I like to explore customer’s behavior, always dig to the core of the problems that I need to solve visually. Strive to implement critical and design thinking not only in work but in my everyday life. When it comes to working on products, I focus on the core value of the product making sure that design solution not only solves the problem but also delivers delight to customer.

I am fond of good electronic music, gym workouts, traveling, photography and spend my free time with my beloved wife and 2 beautiful daughters. Never settle down and strive to learn new things every day and make progress through all my positive habits.

Product Designer based in Greater Seattle Area, WA. Craft easy and delightful experiences for complex problems.


I started my professional design career back in 2003, when all “web” designers were crafting designs in Photoshop and coding layouts in html tables (yes, we loved tables before CSS arrived). I went through a long and thorny path of creating animations and websites in Macromedia (then Adobe) Flash, designing user interfaces in Photoshop and Fireworks spending hours and hours on playing with fonts, iconography, color combinations and stock images.

Over time I took more responsibility on my shoulders, managed different teams of designers and got more involved in deep understanding of design process and how to make better products and understand users. I became obsessed over all phases of design process and nuances of better collaboration between product and engineering departments.

Currently, the most exciting challenge for me is to establish the proper product thinking approach in the companies where I work and to nurture a versatile and effective design culture in the design department and in the organization as a whole. I’m still obsessed over visual design, fonts, iconography and heavily work on a daily basis on user research, prototyping, designing flows and measuring the ROI of design.



I always strive to cut to the core of the user experience, define user problems and goals and communicate ideas through the process of strategic and tactical product planning. I believe, that a cool product not only solves the problem but delivers a delightful and immersive experience to people.

Check-list of my principles:

  • Always justify ideas, hunches, and assumptions
  • Cut to the core of the problem
  • Be data driven
  • Validate and iterate
  • Think out of the box, look at a problem from different angles
  • Be meticulous and pixel perfect, when it comes to polishing the quality of design
  • Collaborate, communicate and achieve shared understanding
  • Not just solve a problem, but also deliver delightful UX at visceral, behavioural and reflective levels